What You Should Know About NYC Women

NYC Girl

They are powerful, self-made, confident individuals who are not afraid to say what’s on their mind. Here are 10 things that you need to know about single women in New York.

They are highly independent. These women have high-powered jobs allowing them to make their own money to pay their own bills. All these can often send a signal that they don’t need you to take care of them because they are completely capable of taking care of themselves.

They come from everywhere. These women may live and breathe the NY subway system but you can almost hear that accent when she starts to speak. That’s because these women can come from different parts of the country or the globe yet they consider themselves as New Yorkers considering the amount of time that they have been living in the city.

They are aggressive. This aggressiveness can be displayed in the workplace and in certain situations as well. They are not going to hesitate at giving you a piece of their mind when you cross them.

They know the (pickup) lines. They pretty much heard it all. Just because your line worked with other women, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work on a single woman from New York.

Their bags have everything they need. It has their wallet, their phones, extra pair of shoes, phone charger, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, a small bag of make up, aspirin or band aids – pretty much everything that you can think of.

Clothing and jewelries means a lot. This not only allow them to express their personality in how they dress but with the number of people living in the city, it is their way of standing out from the rest.

They have more plastic surgery than you. It is quite common for women in NYC to have a fair bit of plastic surgery done to their faces and bodies. They therefore hare a larger bust then you, larger lips, and a larger behind all thanks to plastic surgery.

They can be total snobs. They have opinions on pretty much everything from restaurants to directions and most often, they are correct about it.

They are smarter than you are. They wouldn’t land in that high-power, high-paying job and live comfortably if they are not.

They can be judgmental. They can tell what your job is by what you are wearing. You also have to keep in mind that you will most likely be judged by a NY woman by the amount of tip you give.

They like money. Let’s face it. If you want to live well and live comfortably in the city, you have to have money.

Is Big City Living Bad for Your Health?


Life in a large, bustling city is full of great advantages. There’s always something to do, as the city is alive and vibrant; there’s a variety of food and experiences to try no matter the time of day or night; and there are so many different people from so many places to meet and get to know. Big city life is always surprising and exciting, with so much around you that’s always changing and evolving. As thrilling as it can be, though, life in a huge city can come with a few drawbacks. If you’re someone who’s concerned about the ways in which your hometown could be impacting your health, you might want to do a little digging before you dive into a high-rise apartment in a big city – your body and your health will thank you.

Currently, more than half of the world’s population resides in cities. We’re an international world of urbanites, surrounded by skyscrapers and the hustle and bustle of life in a large city. However, this means that 50 percent of the world is contributing to all that happens within those big cities. Population and environmental experts estimate that, by the year 2050, the number of humans living in such cities will rise to as much as 70 percent – and the side effects that come with more people in condensed spaces will also rise when this occurs. The more people in every city, the more traffic, noise, and pollution will grow.

Life in a big city is more emotional than most of us imagine. Many urbanites develop one, or multiple, mental health or mood disorders because of their city environment. Researchers have found that living in a large city doubles the risk of becoming schizophrenic, raises the possibility of anxiety disorders by 21 percent, and alters moods and behaviors by nearly 40 percent. Experts cite the loneliness that can set in when surrounded by such a large number of people, or the social isolation that takes place when social density is too great. All of the stress of feeling alone when living in the midst of hundreds of thousands of people can lead to emotional issues.

So, before you move into a bustling city with grand expectations, make sure to expect the potential negative effects that can come with such a move. Your mental state and health could suffer as a result of such a populous place.

Exercising In NYC


One of the great places to stay fit and do regular exercises is New York City. This urban jungle has parks and several venues where it is easy to stretch some muscles. Even in the cold weather, it easy to run in parts of NYC and sweat it out. If you are starting out with your workout regimen, here are some pointers you might want to consider.

1. Have a Fab Workout Outfit

To inspire you to start exercising and keep the momentum going, pick out great workout outfits that you can wear to the gym or to the park where you can do a morning jog. Start with walking around shopping areas and warm up those legs and feet for a regular run.

2. Join the Free Exercises

Free exercises are all over NYC. Some are also done outdoors. Most parks also have fitness equipment that you can use for free. While you have to spend on gyms if you are in other cities, you can take advantage of the same privileges in NYC without cost. Sign up in group exercises so you have workout buddies who can encourage you during times you feel like staying in bed than stretching your muscles.

3. Take a Pole Dancing Class

If you feel bored doing the same routine in the gym, why not sign up for a pole dancing class? There are several studies in NYC offering this exciting workout class.

4. Register for a Race

Registering for a race will motivate you to prepare for the marathon. It will enable you to come up with regular exercise activities, which are small goals, which will build you up towards the main event. There are plenty of marathons that happen in NYC all year round that you can take part in.

5. Get Into a Sport, Like Tennis

There are many tennis courts in NYC where you can enjoy a regular game. You can also check out other sport venues, such as the YMCA, for other activities that may be of interest to you. Choose a sport that can exercise multiple muscle groups in your body.

Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling


Vacations and traveling are usually exciting opportunities to get away from the office and to enjoy much needed relaxation. There are no responsibilities, no schedules or appointments to stick to, and no rules – unless, of course, you’re dieting. Heading out on a trip can wreck your healthy eating habits, as you chow down on any food you like, and eat out as often as possible while away from home. From fast food to indulgent restaurants, there’s no end to the unhealthy and diet-unfriendly options while traveling. However, you don’t have to throw your entire diet out when vacationing or traveling for business; instead, you can keep some healthy eating tips in mind and stay on track throughout your trip.

Pack Smart Snacks

Fight off the temptations of fast food while traveling by keeping healthy and delicious snack with you. Before you leave, pack your suitcase with snacks that will keep your diet on track – beef jerky, various nuts, granola bars, protein bars, or even dried fruit. All of these quick and easy snacks fit in your handbag or travel bag, and will help fill you with fiber, protein, and other nutrients that keep your stomach feeling full.

Stay Hydrated Every Day

If your body isn’t properly hydrated, you’re going to feel hungry – and your body isn’t going to feel great. Drink as much water as you can while traveling, whether you’re flying, visiting tourist attractions, or simply sitting by the pool. Drinking water keeps you feeling your best, and helps to stave off hunger. Water helps you feel full, whereas milk, juice, soda, and alcoholic beverages don’t do you any good.

Stay Away from Fast Food

Fast food restaurants are the bane of a dieter’s existence: they’re everywhere, and they offer affordable and quick food. However, don’t fall into old, comfortable traps while traveling. Although fast food means easy and familiar food, it also comes at an unhealthy price, as fast food meals are packed with fat and extra calories. Instead of wasting your indulgent meals on fast food, try the local food around you – it’s most likely a healthier choice.

Skip Overdoing Alcohol

You’re on vacation, and it’s time to celebrate your temporary freedom – right? If you’re ready to hit the hotel bar as soon you check in, reconsider. While it’s perfectly acceptable and still healthy to have one or two drinks, spending your evenings or even poolside days drinking boozy cocktails leaves you with more than just a buzz. When we drink, we tend to consume nearly 500 more calories – both from the alcohol itself and the food that we unconsciously eat while drinking. Keep your diet and vacation on track, and stick to just a few drinks.

Why New York is one of the Best Places for Cosmetic Surgery?


There are different reasons why people, mostly women would go under the knife for a cosmetic surgery. It could be because it is necessary or you want to gain back the self confidence that you lost. Or maybe you are preparing for something big like your wedding and you want to look your best. Your reason may even be as simple as you don’t like the way you look now and you want to change it.

Cosmetic surgery is a kind of operation where one’s body part or your face is being altered or enhanced. You may want your nose fixed to look a certain way or alter the size of your breasts if you want it to appear bigger or smaller. However, just like any type of surgery, there are risks involved so you have to be wary with where you get skin surgery and the credentials of the doctor who will be performing the operation. If you can, look for skin surgery alternatives as they can often be a safer and less painful option.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, New York seem to be one of the preferred places where you can go and get one and not worry about the quality of the doctors performing the operation. For one, New York city is the home of nearly 600 plastic surgeons and it has nine major hospitals. Being considered as the heart of American culture and innovation, expect that the surgeons in the city are not only well-trained but also updated with the latest techniques used in the surgery.

Going under the knife is no joke. It is a major decision that one has to think and re-think about. You have to discuss this with your doctor and make sure that you understand the risks it entails if something happens during the surgical operation.

Best Snacks While Travelling

Fresh fruit

While it may be a little challenging, bringing the right kind of food to snack on while on the road means that you don’t have to forego eating healthy and nutritious snacks in between meals. Plan on bringing snacks that are a good mix of protein and good fats. These will make you feel full longer and avoid all those simple sugar and carbohydrates that are the staples of convenience stores and gas stations where you might stop for a rest. Remember, before you start your travel, it is advisable to have well-balanced meal so that you’ll avoid those hunger attacks and make bad choices later while on the road.

Nuts and Dried Fruits

Nuts can provide that instant fix for the “munchies” that you may experience during your travel. Pistachios, peanuts, walnuts can be mixed with dried apricot or berries to make a simple trail mix that you can snack on. Seeds – sunflower or pumpkin – are good alternatives to nuts. These snacks provide a good combination of healthy fats and protein.

Fresh Fruits or Vegetables

Any small-sized cooler filled with ice is an essential travel buddy. Try putting some of your favorite hummus at the bottom of a round container with a lid. Then, slice up some carrots and stick them into the hummus. You now have a healthy snack complete with a savory dip. Slice some of your favorite fruits into bite-sized pieces, store them inside a food container with lid and just put these containers inside the cooler. You can use resealable baggies if you want to divide them into snack-sized portions.

Protein Bars

Soy-free, gluten-free are GMO-free protein bars are great snacks especially during long drives. Aside from providing proper nutrition, protein bars stretch the time between hunger pangs. Some protein bars are also great meal replacements. Just make sure that you are bringing protein bars with the right nutritional value, organic and tastes good to your palate.

Healthy Drinks

While traveling, especially if you’re flying, replenishing the fluids in your body is a must. Water and organic, 100% fruit juices are good sources of hydration. You can prepare them beforehand, put them into drinking bottles and store them in the cooler with your snacks. Avoid caffeinated drinks because caffeine adds to dehydration.