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Month: March 2016

Exercising In NYC

Exercising In NYC

One of the great places to stay fit and do regular exercises is New York City. This urban jungle has parks and several venues where it is easy to stretch some muscles. Even in the cold weather, it easy to run in parts of NYC and sweat it out. If you are starting out with your workout regimen, here are some pointers you might want to consider.

1. Have a Fab Workout Outfit

To inspire you to start exercising and keep the momentum going, pick out great workout outfits that you can wear to the gym or to the park where you can do a morning jog. Start with walking around shopping areas and warm up those legs and feet for a regular run.

2. Join the Free Exercises

Free exercises are all over NYC. Some are also done outdoors. Most parks also have fitness equipment that you can use for free. While you have to spend on gyms if you are in other cities, you can take advantage of the same privileges in NYC without cost. Sign up in group exercises so you have workout buddies who can encourage you during times you feel like staying in bed than stretching your muscles.

3. Take a Pole Dancing Class

If you feel bored doing the same routine in the gym, why not sign up for a pole dancing class? There are several studies in NYC offering this exciting workout class.

4. Register for a Race

Registering for a race will motivate you to prepare for the marathon. It will enable you to come up with regular exercise activities, which are small goals, which will build you up towards the main event. There are plenty of marathons that happen in NYC all year round that you can take part in.

5. Get Into a Sport, Like Tennis

There are many tennis courts in NYC where you can enjoy a regular game. You can also check out other sport venues, such as the YMCA, for other activities that may be of interest to you. Choose a sport that can exercise multiple muscle groups in your body.