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Month: October 2016

Is Big City Living Bad for Your Health?

Is Big City Living Bad for Your Health?

Life in a large, bustling city is full of great advantages. There’s always something to do, as the city is alive and vibrant; there’s a variety of food and experiences to try no matter the time of day or night; and there are so many different people from so many places to meet and get to know. Big city life is always surprising and exciting, with so much around you that’s always changing and evolving. As thrilling as it can be, though, life in a huge city can come with a few drawbacks. If you’re someone who’s concerned about the ways in which your hometown could be impacting your health, you might want to do a little digging before you dive into a high-rise apartment in a big city – your body and health will thank you.

Currently, more than half of the world’s population resides in cities. We’re an international world of urbanites, surrounded by skyscrapers and the hustle and bustle of life in a large city. However, this means that 50 percent of the world is contributing to all that happens within those big cities. Population and environmental experts estimate that, by the year 2050, the number of humans living in such cities will rise to as much as 70 percent – and the side effects that come with more people in condensed spaces will also rise when this occurs. The more people in every city, the more traffic, noise, and pollution will grow.

Life in a big city is more emotional than most of us imagine. Many urbanites develop one, or multiple, mental health or mood disorders because of their city environment. Researchers have found that living in a large city doubles the risk of becoming schizophrenic, raises the possibility of anxiety disorders by 21 percent, and alters moods and behaviors by nearly 40 percent. Experts cite the loneliness that can set in when surrounded by such a large number of people, or the social isolation that takes place when social density is too great. All of the stress of feeling alone when living in the midst of hundreds of thousands of people can lead to emotional issues.

So, before you move into a bustling city with grand expectations, make sure to expect the potential negative effects that can come with such a move. Your mental state and health could suffer as a result of such a populous place.