• City Bakery

  • This place has so much going for it, it's hard to know where to begin, but the daily-churned hot chocolate and home-made marshmallow cubes are a good place to start. Then, there's the diner counter, where sticky, multilayered grilled cheeses and BLT get served up with generosity. There are the buffet offerings - everything from fried catfish to coconut dusted haricots verts to perfectly anchovy-flecked Caesar salads; the soup and macaroni bar, often featuring a world-class tortilla soup; then the knock-your-socks-off chocolate chip cookies, raspberry bran muffins, or peanut butter drop cookies. It's sophisticated snacking at its finest, which might explain why the crème de New York's downtown crème line its tables and upper mezzanine. Oh yes, perfect coffee, every time. And caramelized French toast! The list goes on.
    • 3 West 18th Street (Union Square)
    • +1 212 366 1414
    • Open: daily, 7.30am (9am Sun)-7pm (6.30pm Sat, 6pm Sun)
    • www.thecitybakery.com

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